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University Championships 2015 results!

University Championship Results 2015

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TSC Oxford 2015 results!

TSC Oxford Results 2015

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Never tried shooting before?

On the first Saturday of every month you can come and
"have a go" at The Oxford Gun Company for only £25 all-inclusive - this includes a professional instructor, use of a shotgun, 25 cartridges & clays, all safety equipment - and we'll ensure you hit some clays!

It's great fun - why not come and give it a go?

What a recent new Young Shot said...

One of our recent new young shots sent us the following, which captures what we're all about:-

"My first shooting experience began in August 2008 at Jericho Farm where we were given the opportunity to try Archery, Riffle shooting and Shotgun shooting. On this course I found that I enjoyed Shotgun the most and was amazed that my parents allowed me to take shooting lessons a week after.
I was slightly excited and slightly scared of shooting a gun for the first time, because I don't believe that a person holding the gun for you is classed as shooting really! I never thought the shotgun would be as heavy as it is, but I'm shooting a 12 bore over-and-under, which when I gave to my mother to hold she nearly dropped because it was too heavy!
I've been shooting for 6 months now and David Florent (my shooting instructor) has said I'm now an "ok shot" - he and his family have been a great help to me on my way to liking and having the benefit of going shooting, and I'll be forever grateful to them.
This has been both the most exciting and challenging experience of my life and I am so grateful I have been able to do it and enjoy it! Thanks to everyone at The Schools Challenge and The Oxford Gun Company!"

A selection of over-and-under (O/U) guns, all under £1,000 at The Oxford Gun Company...
Click for more guns under £1,000
Browning - 425 £950 info...
Lincoln - Premier Gold £899 info...
Sabatti - Falcon £599 info...
Browning - 425 £799 info...
Winchester - Select £899 info...
Lincoln - Premier Gold £750 info...
Browning - GP £999 info...
Beretta - 686 £799 info...
Browning - 525 £999 info...
Lanber £350 info...

Click for more guns under £1,000  RSS icon used as a link to The Oxford Gun Company Stock RSS Feed

We're pleased to have the support
of our TSC partners:-

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Their support, along with our other sponsors, ensures
we can continue to provide country activities for
today's youngsters!